The University of North Carolina General Administration distributes annual reports on freshman applications and academic performance at UNC universities. The reports, based on annual student data files, were submitted by the sixteen constituent institutions.

NCA&T received 2045 applications from the pool of 1995-96 graduates from all North Carolina public high schools. Of these, 89% were accepted ranking NCA&T's acceptance rate third highest among the University of North Carolina System institutions. The UNC average acceptance rate was 73%.

Third-year retention of the NCA&T first-time Fall 1995 freshman cohort was 62.2% compared to a UNC average 70%. One year ago, third-year retention of the Fall 1994 first-time freshman cohort was 62.8% compared to a UNC average of 68.8%. Over the last two years, NCA&T's third-year retention rate declined slightly while that of the comparison group increased slightly.

The five-year graduation rate for NCA&T's first-time Fall 1992 freshman cohort was 38.8% compared to the UNC average 50.8%. One year ago, the Fall 1991 cohort five-year graduation rate was 40.2% compared to a UNC average of 52.3%. Over the last two years, five-year graduation rates for both NCA&T and the UNC average declined slightly.

Among NCA&T's top twenty North Carolina public feeder high schools, Dudley High School was the number one enrollment contributor with 44 first-time freshmen in Fall 1996. On second-year retention, William C. Enloe High School in Raleigh ranked first with 100% second-year retention while Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem ranked last with only 58.4%.

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